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Burundi: Stop Harassing Lawyers and Journalists | Human Rights Watch (News Organizations): The Burundi authorities’ arrests of lawyers and intimidation of journalists are cause for concern, Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists said today
Sexual Harassment | Training for workplace sexual harassment (Misc): Training for workplace sexual harassment
Harassment Training (Misc): Workplace harassment prevention and the law
Sexual harassment prevention training (Support Groups): A&E Groups provides training and consulting in Sexual Harassment Prevention, Workplace Violence Prevention, Workplace Crime Prevention, Worker Compensation Fraud Prevention, and Workplace Safety
Discrimination In Workplace Issues Training From Fair Measures (Support Groups):  Our program starts with a discussion of the minimum requirements of anti-harassment and EEOC law, along with your organization's policies and procedures preventing harassment on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, national origin, disability, and sexual orientation.
This section is for articles written in regards to Gang Stalking
This is for any literature that one can get to aid in their situation
Gang Stalking Organizations
This is for Gang Stalking Organazitions. Organization that are involved in targeting individuals. The more we know who is involved, the easier to resolve.
Gang Stalking Portal Websites
This is for other related gang stalking portals, such as forums, or blogs
This is for lawyers that have experience, or are willing to help out in such situations
This section is for various media. Youtube, video, etc
This is for anything that I have missed. (Feel free to contact us in regards to adding other categories)
News Organizations
This is for news organizations willing to help, or expose the truth about targets, or are able to help individuals in such situations.
This is for psychologiests that are aware of such situations and are willing to help.
This is for psychiatriasts that are aware of such situations and are willing to help.
Support Groups
This is for support groups in relation to stalking or gang stalking. People that victoms can associate with or talk to.
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